100 Things Your Elder Care Provider Wants You To Know

Tonight, after many months of preparation, formatting and clumsy e-tech, with a non-e-tech fizz… unlike you e-tech whizzes out there in Cyber land–  Suzy Right has FINALLY launched her first of 4 ebooks on elder care.  This ebook is aptly titled, “100 Things Your Elder Care Provider Wants You To Know,” and the cost is $3.99 wherever fine ebooks are sold.

As you may know from Suzy’s first FREE ebook (DeClutter You Stuff AND Simplify Your Life,) she’s in the final stages of formatting 3 more ebooks about her insights and experiences from 20 years of performing quality elder care with too many families to count.  Each and every single client and family is unique and gifted in so many ways… and despite the infrequent disagreement there may have been, Suzy is grateful to all the amazing people she’s been privileged to work with… and even the most challenging clients teach us the most we need to learn, right?  Elder care works best when performed with love and patience, and each time I’ve worked with a senior, it is like taking care of my own family!  People are always surprising me– do they surprise you?– and the most surprising thing of all is how much love and respect I feel for all the good folks I’ve worked with.  Many, of whom are now passed.  And I thank you for knowing you all.  My memories are in tact– often causing me to shed a few tender tears or side-spliting laughter, when something rises to the forefront of my mind from my many, many memories of working with our elders and their families

And, since we’re smack in the middle of the Christmas season, and with a busy 3 generation family, herself, Suzy is thrilled beyond belief, to have gotten Elder Care ebook #1 on  ebook pages!  She wishes all her readers a very blessed holiday season and a thoroughly joyous season of sharing and caring with beloved family members, the world over!

To commemorate this unfolding, and to say, ‘thank you for your patience, one and all,’ Suzy also has re-released her DeClutter ebook with a new reduced price: FREE!  It is within the spirit of giving to mankind, to help out wherever we all may, that Declutter is dedicated to all those who wish to simplify their lives and cast off unnecessary stuff– and perhaps pass some along to the next user.  Now matter which way you say it, Merry Christmas–

See you after the holidays– when we’ll start talking about the who-what-where-when-how-and why of quality elder care!  Bless you, One and All!

Love, Suzy Right

copyright Suzy Right llc 2013

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